U817A UFO Review

U817A UFO Review

U817A UFO ReviewThe U817A UFO Quadcopter is actually so similar to the U818A that they are almost the same product. In terms of looks there are extremely alike but if one looked a little closer at the product specifications it is obvious that this model which is actually cheaper might be the better model.

Product Specifications

  • Has a 6 Axis Gyro system for positioning of the UAV during flight. (The specs that say that it has just 4 axis are wrong.)
  • 4 Channels set at frequency 2.4 GHz.
  • Battery Charging Time: 60 minutes
  • Maximum Flight Time: about 7-9 minutes.
  • Flight Range: 50 meters
  • Dimensions: 13 inches by 13.3 inches by 2.2 inches (Same size as UDI 818A)
  • Different between this model and the U818A – Doe NOT have the camera.

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Full Review

It probably doesn’t make too much sense to do a full detailed review on the UDI RC U817A UFO Model since we have already talked extensively about it in our review on the U818A. We have already mentioned the fact that it is based on the industry standard 2.4 GHz frequency for strong binding between the receiver and the transmitter. It uses 4 channels because it is a”QUAD” copter. There needs to be 4 different channels to give current levels to each of the rotors at the corners. Those things are already known and any type of specs that deviate from them are the only type of thing that is actually worth mentioning. Instead, what I wanted to do with this review is compare the specifications of the U817A model directly with the specifications of the U818A.

So what is the main difference between the U817A and the U818A?

The Camera. This model doesn’t have the camera. The U818A is the slightly upgraded version with the camera. The result is that when you are looking at the cost, the U817A is usually $10-15 cheaper. There is however a slot in the design of the center body of the U817A to fit that camera. You would just have to buy it from the either the UDI store or get it like everything else on Amazon. (In case you are wondering what the name of the camera is, it is “U12W, an Aerial Camera Component sold for the models U12A and U817A“. You can get it From Here.)

There is also something known as the posture control integrated design which I would guess is fancy speech for the 6 axis gyro system meaning that if you tip the quadcopter and let go of the controls, it will right itself back up and get back into posture. This is probably what the sellers means when they are talking about posture control.

In terms of battery power, battery capacity, and motor power, again the seller claim to increase quadcopter flight time and be more energy efficient. The numbers tell a different story. This I think is the other main difference between the U818A and the U817A model. The spec on the Amazon website say that the U817a the amount of time it takes the charger to fully charge the LiPO batteries that go into the quadcopter is just 60 minutes, which is half the time it takes the U818A which takes 120 minutes. However, we believe that the number values given are fake. The size of both models are exactly the same, with the same mAH electrical power storage, rated at 500 mAH.

Some of the people who have left a review suggest that you can even swap out the original battery in the box for a 600 mAH which would increase the flight time to 12 minutes, which would be a 25-50% increase. In terms of how long the device can fly, the maximum flight times are exactly the same, which is around 7-9 minutes.

The other great thing about this model is that its range is 50 meters (160 feet). The U818A was only able to do 30 meters. If the difference is because of just the camera, we are not sure why that would be. Does the camera somehow get in the way of the transmitter, in reducing the binding strength in some way?

The other difference is that this model requires one to have 4 AA batteries. The other model was using 3 AAA batteries for the transmitter. The radio frequency of the U817A model is also 2.4 GHz which is just the standard.  Again, the AA or AAA batteries are not included with the quadcopter kit you do buy. So we see that in terms of just the specifications the U817A takes less time to charge, actually have the time to charge than the U818A. The range or distance of it is also 20 meters better on all sides. The numbers of axises it uses in its stabilization system is just 4 axises while the other one used axises. It is around $10-$20 cheaper than the other model.

So would we recommend the U817A model to people who can’t decide between the U817A or the U818A?

We would. The way the body is designed means that if you want to have the video recording ability later, you can just buy the part and pop it in, which is a really simple easy task. On the Amazon website where both products are listed, this model is about $15 cheaper, but if you are going to buy the camera that is for the U818A, it would cost you about $20. Or you can look for a much higher quality camera, which even High Def resolution capabilities.

You can buy the U817A UFO model from Amazon Here!

So, a quick recap on our main point…

The main difference between these two models is that the the U818A has a camera installed into it and the U817A does not. This model does have a slightly better flight range. If you are really serious about using your quadcopter drone to take pictures from a aerial vantage point, it might not be the best idea to go with the U818A because it is not in High Definition (specs say 640*480).

However if you just wanted to see what the pictures you take from up above would look like, it might be reasonable to go with the other model. The DJI Phantom drone quadcopter has the GoPro Hero 1,2 or 3 mounted at the bottom and those take really good videos and pictures.

If however you just wanted a reasonably sized durable quadcopter to fly and play around with it makes more sense to go with the U817A quadcopter model since it is cheaper, take less time to charge the battery, and has a greater range of flight. I would recommend this model to a potential buyer.

Note: Like always, we like to remind the potential interested buyer that these claims we make are only our opinions. What we say should not be the only resource and reference people turn to for making a purchase decision. It would be wise to consult the opinions and comments of other people. ( can read up on what others have said about the model here.)

The video below is a flight demonstration of the drone.


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