Syma X3 Review

Syma X3 Review

Syma X3 ReviewThe Syma X3 is another model of quadcopter sold by Syma which doesn’t seem to have the same amount of popularity as the other models by Syma like the Spaceship, UFO, and X1. This model is one of the only models that also seems to have mostly negative reviews and issues about it written. It makes this model not a very attractive option to choose from.

Product Specifications

  • 3 Axis Gyro. – Built-in stabilizer
  • Battery Spec: a 1 cell 350 mAH at 3.7 Volts
  • Continuous Discharge: 15 C (5.25A).
  • Motor Type: Brushed.
  • Dimensions: 9.4″ x 9.4″ x 2.5″
  • Based on industry standard 2.4 GHz frequency system
  • Can be flown indoor or outdoors

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Full Review

Syma does make quite a few models like the X1 UFO Model or the X1 Spacecraft which is probably the most reviewed model of quadcopter on the Amazon website. This model the X3 seems to not get as many reviews or positive things said about it as the other models in selection currently.

As for the flying ability, this model seems to be able to do some very cool aerobatic tricks. It can do something known as 3-Dimensional tumbling movements, go in all 6 directions, and move in all 360 degrees of eversion, which is type of rolling movement as well as flips. The high agility of this model is from the 3-axis gyro stabilization system which uses the adjustable gyro sensitivity to stabilize the model when it starts to tilt in any direction, effectively reversing any types of tilting due to fast jerking movements causing the center of the gravity to swing the quadcopter in a certain direction. The 3-axis gyro stabilization system means that it will even handle well outside with medium strength winds.

The Syma X3 is actually quite big if we are to believe the specs on the product dimensions. It is supposed to be almost 9 inches in length and width which makes it one of the largest quadcopters we have seen yet.

The power source is the LiPo batteries. The LiPo battery specifications for the Syma X3 are that they are at 3.7 Volts and have a current of 370 miliAmpHour. The charger used to charge the batteries only use the USB which has to be connected to some other USB port to charge the Batteries.

When you buy the Syma X3 quadcopter kit, you get the Syma 3, the USB Charger to charge the LiPo batteries, the Instructions manual, the propeller blades and even a screwdriver to set the quadcopter up in minutes.

So what do other people who have bought it think of the Syma X3?

From the few people who took the time to come back on Amazon and write a review, everyone of the reviews have had bad things written about them. It is a big warning that at least for this model of quadcopter, you want to stay away from. The first guy noted that this model of quadcopter sis marked up multiple times of what it should be priced at. On other websites it will be sold for around $35 while on Amazon it is currently sold for $40.

The other complaints for the Syma X3 is that it won’t even start to fly the first time you try it out, you can never reach the people at customer service to get a refund or replacement model, and that the product that was received was so badly packed in that the components of the quadcopter kit was already broken or bent.

So would we recommend this particular model by Syma, the X3?

I would not recommend this model because of the bad customer service and the difficulty the reviewers did have in trying to return the model. These products are made in China and then packed and shipped to warehouses and storage places around the world. If you are going to try to call the sellers or manufacturers who made the product, it is going to be extremely hard to not just get a replacement or get a refund, it will be hard to just get in contact with the customer service people. The whole process one would have to go through because they product they received was defective is full of hassle and potential headaches. It is just not worth it in my opinion.

I would rather steer the person who wants to find  a good, rather inexpensive quadcopter model to the Heli-Max 1SQ model or the QR W1000 RC Quadcopters.

(Note: If one however is still interested in seeing the Syma X3 model, then you can check out the X3 model by Syma by clicking here.)

To see another review on the Syma X3 as well as see how well it flies watch the video below

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