Surveillance Drone Quadcopters

Surveillance Drone Quadcopters

Surveillance Drone QuadcoptersThese are a different type of quadcopters. Technically they are still RC, which stands for radio controlled, but the purpose for these quadcopters are not really for entertainment, but more for monitoring large areas. These quadcopters which are termed ‘drones’ by some people are different from the recreational and hobbyist rc qaudcopters mainly for one reason. They have High Definition Cameras installed or mounted at the bottom of the quadcopter frame to capture videos and pictures.

I personally don’t think that unmanned aerial vehicle drones (or UAV Drones) are that much different from the toy quadcopters that people play with. The only thing is the camera that goes with the device, which has to be of HD quality. There is really no way that you can capture good quality videos or pictures without going with some type of HD Camera. The ones that the hobbyist quadcopter enthusiasts go with is the GoPro Camera. The Hero 3 by GoPro seems to be really the one that everyone is talking about these days.

I would classify both the Parrot AR and the DJI Phantom both as Surveillance Drones as well because of the type of camera that is embedded with the microprocessors of the drone quadcopters.

I was recently reading an article from Popular Mechanics entitled A Drone For Every Purpose which talked about the 5 most popular and advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and there was two which they showed which got me really interested. They are…

1. The HoverMast Drone by Skysapience – Price: N/A

HoverMast Drone QuadcopterDescription: It seems that this model of surveillance drone has not come into the market yet, but when it does I would guess it would cost around $500 – $1000. It is a tethered quadcopter which rises to be slightly over 150 feet into the air taking just 15 seconds and stays there. From its product page, the following functions are listed below…

  • Border control
  • Port security
  • Federal and local law enforcement
  • Anti-terror activities
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Mega event protection and crowd control
  • Special forces, infantry and naval operations
  • Urban warfare
  • Battle information fusion

Note: The picture on the top right is of the HoverMast.

2. The Draganflyer X4-ES by Draganfly Innovations – Price: You need to call in to request a quote

Draganflyer X4-ES DroneProduct Description: This drone seems to have gotten a lot of coverage because the Canadian Authorities used it recent years to actually find a crash victim. This drone is known as a civilian drone and the Canadian survivor rescuers are saying that it is the first incident where a civilian drone saved a person’s life. Like the HoverMast its main intended customer is to federal agencies like the police or to sheriffs but you still can buy it as a civilian. For more information about this model of drone quadcopter, click here to go to the company website.

Of course the DraganFly company makes more than just the X4-ES. They also have 3 other models of surveillance quadcopters that have come out in recent years. They include the…

3. The Aeryon Scout sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System) – Price: You need to call to make a request for a quote

Aeryon Scout sUASReview: When we first started doing research on the Aeryon Scout we were surprised that the surveillance drone actually had its own Wikipedia page. Of course that should not be too surprising since the most famous, larger scale sized models of milti-rotors like the DJi Phantom and the AR.Drone by Parrot both have Wiki articles. This model was one of the first models we ever got to review which was not on sale to the general public – Read more

4. The Aeryon SkyRanger UAV – Price: Call to make a request for a quote

Review: This model is the more advanced model. It was designed specifically for military applications. Read more

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