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Quadcopter partsWe are going to keep this section really simple. We divided the quadcopter parts into 4 main sections. Beyond that, almost everything else is trivial. The older models used gyroscopes to figure out how to stabilize in mid-air. The newer models like the Parrot Bebop don’t have any heavy mechanical parts, but are completely GPS Guided and can calculate what position they are in relative to the ground, and are “smart” enough to correct themselves to the upright position and stabilize themselves. You have…

1. The Frame

We are talking about frames for only the larger DIY project types here. Go to our the Companies page to see which companies and manufacturers sell the frames.

2. The Processor/Controller

3. The Motors

There are two types, Brushed and Brushless.


  • NX4008 – Specs: 620 KV, 180 Watt, 79 g, uses 3-4 cells
  • Turnigy Typhoon 2215H – Specs:


4. The Batteries

All the batteries for these multicopters, drones, and uavs seem to be based on the Lithium Ion Polymer technology. There are other alternatives like the Lithium Phosphate and even the Nickel Metal Hydride types, but based on the electrical energy storage capacity/weight factor, the LiPo battery types will always be better. They may be horrible in terms of how long you get to actually fly the toy drones, but the technology is improving.

Beyond the required 4 main parts, there are other things that you can add to the models like accelerometers, cameras.

5. Cameras

You  might also be looking for the Owner’s Manual or Operating Manual. We don’t have those around. So far, we have only about two dozen models that we have bought and tested out in the field.


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