Unique Multicopter and Quadcopter Models

Unique Multicopter and Quadcopter Models

So what is the best quadcopter for sale? We wanted to see what other types of quadcopter are currently in the market besides the usual, more well known ones. While the other page RC Quadcopters is for listing the most popular types of quadcopters, this page is to list, review, and analyze some of the more unusual types of quadcopters around, which range from mini-quadricopters, to large rc quadcopters, to even aerial surveillance hexacopters. There are some really well known models like the V929 Beetle which has been one of the best selling models in the industry found in many malls in the country as well as some higher end models like the QR W100 by Walkera which have their own camera embedded at the bottom to capture high resolution images.

WL Toys V929 Beetle – Price: $48 – Buy it Here!

Description: What I’ve personally noticed about mini-quadcopters has been that they are extremely light and fragile. The primary concern people have has over the mini-quadcopter models has been that they just don’t last very long. No matter what is said about the durability of whatever mini-quadcopter model there has been, they seem to all break down as some point, often much earlier than the buyer expected – Read more

Y6 Scorpion SH6047 Hexacopter – Price: $85 – Buy it Here!

Description: We don’t really review tricopters/hexacopters that much since we specialize in quadcopters but this model is something that we wanted to learn more about personally. This model of tricopter or hexacopter (whatever people want to call this type of RC Aerial device) operates on a 6 axis gyro stabilization system to make the flight very stable – Read more

WL Toys V202 Mini-Scorpion King – Price: $80 – Buy it Here!

Description: This micro-quadcopter’s real name is the WL Toys V202 Mini Scorpion King RTF Quadcopter. The Nano Quadrotor which is a type of micro-quadcopter looks a lot like the Y6 Scorpion SH 6047 in appearance and even on the products box it is called the Scorpion although this model is clearly a quadcopter and the Y6 Scorpion is a Hexacopter or Tricopter – Read more

Walkera QR W100 Quadcopter (w/ HD Camera) – Price: $110 – Buy it Here!

Description: The QR W100 is one of the most beautifully designed quadcopters sold by the company Walkera with its white sleek design. It is almost exactly the same as its sister model the QR W100S. It looks like a space ship and it is very unique because the specific quadcopter model is binded with any ipod Touch or iPhone for control so that… Read more

Walkera QR W100S Quadcopter – Price: $108 – Buy it Here!

Description: The QR W100S is basically exactly the same as the QR W100. The exact name for the device is the Walkera QR W100S WIFI. There is a slight difference in the sizes of the two extremely similar models where the QR W100S has product dimensions of 144 x 144 x 46 mm and the QR W100 has product dimensions of 142 x 142 x 40 mm. Considering how small a milimeter is, the two models are basically the same size… Read more 

WLToys V939 LadyBird Mini-Quadcopter – Price: $44 – Buy it Here!

Description: Technically we have already done a review on the QR LadyBird Mini-Quadcopter in a review we did months ago but that confused at least me since there was so many different names for this series of mini-quadcopters sold by either WLToys or Walkera. The same model was also called the Walkera QR LadyBird Drone and the Walkera QR LadyBrid V2 Mini-Quadcopter… Read more

HCW 553 UFO Quadcopter – Price: $57

Review (Rating is 7/10): The UFO layout and structure design look is extremely popular because of the way that quadcopters have to be laid out. All of the 4 rotors and propellers must be placed equidistant from the center point. When each of the propellers start to spin at the same speed, then the quadcopter should have the ability to just hover in mid-air in the same position, without veering off… Read more

Estes Dart RC Quadcopter – Price: $51 w/ Free Shipping

Description: The Dart Quadcopter sold by the company Estes in terms of appearance looks a lot like the Hubsan X4 H107 and the QR-1 Quad-Rotor. There is the obvious oblong shape of the central body and that was the first thing that this model called the Dart by the seller Estes I was reminded of. So how well does this model compare to say the similar model which is the… Read more

AeroSky C6 Quadcopter – Price: $390

Description: The AeroSky C6 is one of the only models of quadcopters sold by AeroSky that is on Amazon. From looking at the price of the AeroSky C6 we can see why that is. Many of the much bigger models of quadcopters, like the hexacopters and octacopters create by Amateur DYI Quadcopter designers often sell their creations for the thousands… Read more

Walkera Hoten X RC Quadcopter Drone – Price: $300

Description: The Hoten X Quadcopter Drone has been one of the most popular models and most people who have spent some time in learning about the various models of quadcopters is familiar with the Hoten X. It is listed on many other RC Copter and Quadcopter Online stores and it is mentioned a lot on the various RC Copter forums. If you searched around there are a lot of videos – Read more

Walkera QR InfraX Quadcopter – Price: $185 – Buy it Here!

Review (Rating is 7/10): The QR InfraX sold by Walkera is one of those models of quadcopter which I have not come across but it does have all of the standard features. There are some things which are added to the micro-computer processor which makes it a little more special. When we look at how well it can fly, we see that there are some features which it has that other don’t have. There is the 6-axis gyro system – Read more

Yellow Mini Pet Quadcopter – Price: $40 – Buy it Here!

Description: The actual name of this model is the BumbleBee Quadcopter. Technically we have seen something very similar already in our previous reviews which is the Syma X1 BumbleBee. The colors of the two models are the same, with yellow and black stripes but the design between the two is slightly different – Read more

Shuang Ma 9128 Quadcopter – Price: $33 – Buy it Here!

Description: The Shuang Ma 9128 which is also called the Double Horse 9128 has a design which is very similar in shape to the V929 Beetle and the V939 LadyBird. It looks like a ladybug. Its size is a little less than 6 inches for its length and width and around 1 and a half inches thick. The rotor propellers themselves are over 2 inches width so the surface area… Read more

Sky-Botz Quadcopter – Price: $25 – Buy it Here!

Description: The Sky-Botz Quadcopter is one of the most unusual models that we have seen because it is shaped in an oblong way. Most models of quadcopters we have reviewed are circular in shape allowing the models to do many unique aerial tricks like tumbling, flips, rolls, and moving sideways. This model Sky-Botz is a unique design which seems to be able to achieve the same… Read more

Syma X3 UFO Quadcopter – Price: $44

Description: As for the flying ability, this model seems to be able to do some very cool aerobatic tricks. It can do something known as 3-Dimensional tumbling movements, go in all 6 directions, and move in all 360 degrees of eversion, which is type of rolling movement as well as flips. The high agility of this model is from the 3-axis gyro stabilization system which uses the adjustable gyro sensitivity… Read more

UDI U817C Mini UFO Quadcopter with Camera – Price: $60

DescriptionThe sellers of the UDI U817C talk about how easy it is to control the U817C model of quadcopter. They talk about how well it flies and how agile it is. The model number for this is the U817C but the brand name for it is UDI. The size of this model is slightly bigger than 5 inches for length and width and over 100 grams in weight which is including the battery… Read more

Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM Quadcopter – Price: $110

Description: We have already talked about the Heli-Max 1SQ before but let’s do a quick review on what the specifications are again. This model is one of the most advanced models and it is similar to the QR W100 and the QR W100S, both of which are from Walkera. All of the quadcopter have the feature of the HD Camera that is embedded beneath the quadcopter taking real-time images and videos which are recorded… Read more

JXD 380 UFO – Price: $67 – Buy it Here!

DescriptionFrom only looking at the specs on the quad-rotor, You have the usual specifications like the 4 channels configuration and the 2.4 GHz frequency band which is the standard that most other RC Copter use which keeps the communication between the transmitter and receiver strong. Because the shape of the quadcopter is of the UFO design, it is hard to tell – Read more

To see a very comprehensive review on the Parrot AR Drone as well as see how well it flies watch the video below

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