RC Quadcopters

RC Quadcopters

Quadcopter For SaleThese RC Quadcopters are going to be the most well reviewed and best rated quadcopters there is in the market. We note that while the term ‘RC Quadcopters” usually refers to toy radio controlled electronic flying devices, we are also going to be talking about and reviewing some larger models of unmanned aerial vehicles which have high technology surveillance abilities using HD Cameras like the Hero 3 to capture very precise pictures. Those types of applications are probably going to be something that the US Military, specifically the US Air Force are looking into. There is a completely new revolution occurring in your backyard where hobbyists and military leaders are both using unmanned RC quadcopters (or quadricopters) for their own specific purposes.

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter - Price: $680 w/ Free Shipping

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoProMy Full Review (Rating is 9/10): There is almost nothing in the market currently that comes anywhere even close to what this device can do. It is probably the closest thing a civilian can own that would like look something that the Department of Defense would be funding to built in secret. This is indeed a quadcopter but I would rather call it a superquadcopter because of how many features it has included with it. It’s main purpose is to get some aerial footage and aerial videos, going up extremely high, but it can be used for purposes that are just recreational… Read more

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter (With Replacement Battery) – Price: $330 w/ Free Shipping

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter 2My Full Review (Rating is 7/10): This is probably the most recognizable of all the quadcopters that are being sold right now because of the amount of exposure it started to receive in 2010. The Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Quadcopter is the 2nd generation type of quadcopter that has been developed by Parrot. There is both new software that has been written for better control of the flight and the hardware has been improved on for better maneuverability and stability… Read more

mQX by Blade – Price: $102 w/ Free Shipping

Blade mQX RTFMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The mQX Model by Blade was one of the very first quadcopter that was sold with advanced stabilization technology and it has been consistently one of the best rated quadcopters in the market. It was equipped with a stabilizing system known as the AS3X or Artificial Stabilization in 3 Axis which made the RC quadcopter very easy to maneuver using the controller without fear of it spinning out of control. The ability of this device to give the user almost control on how it moves is unparalleled…. Read more

X1 UFO RC Quad Copter by Syma – Price: $37 w/ Free Shipping

Model X1 UFO RC Quad Copter by SymaMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The claim made by the sellers of the X1 UFO Quadcopter is that it has the two main qualities that make up a great quadcopter, which is that it is stable in air, and it is also easy to control, being fast in its response to the radio signals you give it to control its movements. With the mode turned to advanced or fast, you should be able to do aerial maneuvers like pirouettes, rolls, and flips. The reason it is supposed to be able to be stable in mid air is that its gyro system is… Read more

X1 Spacecraft RC Quad Copter by Syma – Price: $40 w/ Free Shipping

Model X1 Spacecraft RC Quad Copter by SymaMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The Syma X1 Spacecraft is one of the best rated rc quadcopter models around. Out of almost 240 reviews, it gets a rating of 8/10 which shows that for most of the buyers they had overall a good experience with it. In terms of the actual product specifications, the Spacecraft has almost the exact same specs as the UFO and BumbleBee. The main difference is the cover that goes on top of the pcb or main circuit… Read more

X1 BumbleBee RC Quad Copter by Syma – Price: $44 w/ Free Shipping

Model X1 BumbleBee RC Quad Copter by SymaMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The X1 BumbleBee is one of the only models that I would highly recommend because of the price, the durability, and the ease in controlling it. Sure it might look very childish for a grown man to be flying a device that looks like a toy for a child but this quadcopter is very fun. We have seen that many of the other models that have been reviewed turned out to be very hard to fly, had the blades or motor not spinning together, or other types of quality control problems…. Read more

1SQ Quadcopter by Heli-Max – Price: $100 w/ Free Shipping

Model 1SQ RTF Quadcopter by Heli-MaxMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The iSQ is also called a RTF Quadcopter and the RTF stands for “Ready To Fly” which means that there is no assembly required from the parts or pieces you get in the box when it is delivered to you or you buy the product packaging from a hobby store. In terms of price it is in the more upscale range where the price is just less than $100. There are cheaper types of quadcopter kits and models but this one seems to be worth it in terms of… Read more

U816A UFO Quadcopter - Price: $49 w/ Free Shipping

Model U816A UFO Quadcopter with 6 Axis Gryo by UDI RCMy Review (Rating is 7/10): So is this model better than the other models or just another average RC quadcopter? The first thing that we might consider is the price of it, which shows that it is actually around half the price of what the U817A or the U818A is currently selling. That means that when we are looking only at the price, this model would be the best deal, at least for quadcopter kits and quadcopter models sold by UDI RC. However, the price should never be the only factor when we are… Read more

WLtoys V959 Quadcopter With Camera - Price: $85

Badboy Quadcopter With CameraMy Review (Rating is 7/10): So is the V959 RC Quadcopter a good toy to get yourself or your loved one to play with? At $82 it is actually right in the middle on the price of quadcopters sold today so it is not expensive and it is not cheap either. We can’t make an informed judgement on whether this quadcopter model is good or not based only on looking at its price. Often the cheap RC quadcopters or the cheap mini-quadcopters turn out to be so fragile and weak that its motors or propeller blades snap off during the first test flight…. Read more

U817A UFO RC Quadcopter by UDI RC – Price: $90

U817A UFO RC QuadcopterMy Review (Rating is N/A): What I wanted to do with this review is compare the specifications of the U817A model directly with the specifications of the U818A. There is actually no reviews on this model on Amazon so the only thing that we can really go off of is to compare the specifications. The first thing that is noticed is that the U818A has a 6 axis gyro system for stabilization and the U817A model has a 4 axis gyro system. There is also something known as the posture control integrated design which I would guess is fancy speech for the 4 axis gyro system meaning that… Read more

U818A RC Quadcopter with Camera by UDI RC – Price: $117 w/ Free Shipping

Model U818A RC Quadcopter with CameraMy Review (Rating is 10/10): The look of this one is something that catches me off the bat. Most other quadcopters look often too childish with names like spaceship, bumble bee, or mini bumble bee, or lady bug. I am not sure how many grown men who are the type of people most likely to get really hooked on rc helicopters or rc quadcopters would want to be piloting something called a mini bumble bee. However this UDI U818A model is one that would appeal to any men who is concerned about their image. It is sleek, dark, lightweight, and just looks amazing overall… Read more

U816 UFO RC Quadcopter by UDI RC – Price: $44 w/ Free Shipping

Model U816 UFO RC Quadcopter Helicopter by UDI RCMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This may be one of the only smaller or micro quadcopter models that seem to be rated to be actually decent by people who have bought it. Usually the reason people even review or comment on the device is because something happened that made them upset or frustrated and they wanted to write a review explaining why the toy or product failed and is a piece of junk. Like most other quadcopters being sold, it has a 6 axis gyro system that allows it to stabilize itself in mid air when you let go on of the controller joysticks. On the controller you can actually choose… Read more

Nano QX by Blade – Price: $90 w/ Free Shipping

Blade Nano QX RTFMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This mini-quadcopter called Nano QX by the company Blade is really small, and is not recommended for use outdoors or where there is even a slight guest of wind. I remember seeing this model being sold at the local Mall I used to go to in the Seattle region and it is extremely fast, but also very fragile. Because it weigh so little, at just over half a ounce, it doesn’t take much power to fly the device. There are not a lot of people who do buy this model on Amazon but for the few that do buy the nano-quadcopter, the ratings have not been mainly positive… Read more

The Hubsan X4 H107 Micro Quadcopter – Price: $50 w/ Free Shipping

The Hubsan X4 H107 Micro RC Quad CopterMy Review (Rating is 7/10): The Hubsan X4 H107 Micro Quadcopter was one of the earlier models of quadcopter that came out. Over time it has been replaced with newer models but it has always had a decent track and reputation among RC Helicopter Hobbyists. The main issue for most people who have had difficulties with this model is just how small it is, being small enough to fit in one’s hand making it seem very fragile. For people who are just starting out this model may be the ideal model because of its price and overall standard features it has. First let’s see what the specifications are for the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter… Read more

QR-1 Quad-Rotor Helicopter by Traxxas - Price: $70 w/ Free Shipping

Model QR-1 Quad-Rotor HelicopterMy Review (Rating is 6/10): The company Traxxas makes really good models for RC boats, RC Cars, using different powere sources but they do also have a few models in selection on quadcopters. This model QR-1 Quad-Rotor Helicopter is one of the better rated and well known models that they sell. The other name for the Model is TRA6208. The Frame is made from a super-lightweight material known as Anodized aluminum. The TRA6208 or QR_1 Quad-Rotor Helicopter is in fact a type of quadcopter which… Read more

WL-V949 UFO Xcopter Quadcopter - Price: $57 w/ Free Shipping

Model WL-V949 UFO RC 4-Axis Xcopter Quadcopter HelicopterMy Review (Rating is 9/10): The WL-V949 UFO Xcopter Quadcopter is one of the cheaper models around. It goes by the name Mini Beetle. The seller for this product on Amazon is QuadCopterCity but also by WLToys. The way that it is designed means that it provides a really good and stable flight since it is just a bigger model of a much smaller, and older model of quadcopter which is the WLToys V929 Beetle TX. Compared to other quadcopters in the market it is one of the more durable types around. This is one of the less well known models and don’t have many reviews but the few reviews that it does have does make it seem… Read more

QR Ladybird Mini Quadcopter by Walkera – Price: $114

Model QR Ladybird Mini Quadcopter RTF by WalkeraMy Review (Rating is 9/10): This mini quadcopter called the QR Ladybird Mini-Quadcopter sold by the company Walkera is one of those models which is a smart starting quadcopter to start out with and learn the basics on how to handle flying these devices. For most young boys or girls, this would be a great Christmas present and they would get at least a few hours of fun from it. In terms of price the QR LadyBird from Walkera is one of the more expensive models being slightly over $110… Read more

H1 Viking Spaceship Quadcopter by Hero RC - Price: $40 w/ Free Shipping

Model H1 X1 Syma Quadcopter Viking Space Ship by Hero RCMy Review (Rating is 7/10): The H1 Viking Spaceship Quadcopter is one of the less well known models of RC quadcopters that are out there. It is sold by a seller called Hero RC which seems to sell mostly RC helicopters and there is only one model of quadcopter in their selection. The actual name of the model is the “Hero H1 Viking”. The things that Hero RC claims makes it very long. Here is a summary of the specifications of this Viking Space Ship Quadcopter… Read more

You can watch this amazing video from TED Talks where the speaker Raffaello D’Andrea talks about the athletic power of quadcopters